Let Loose originally formed following an advert in Melody Maker and the line up consisted of Richie, Lee Murray and Rob Jeffrey. Signed to Warner Chappell from 1990 -2004 Let Loose wrote and performed the massive summer hit Crazy For You which ran up impressive sales of 600,000, only kept from the coveted Number One spot by the runaway success of the anthemic ‘Love Is All Around’ by Wet Wet Wet from the soundtrack of Four Weddings & A Funeral. The success of ‘Crazy For You’ led to another re-release of a previous single ‘Seventeen’. The first three singles notched up sales of nearly a million. With two hit singles secured, their debut album entitled ‘Let Loose’ was released. The album release was followed by the single ‘One Night Stand’. The final track to be taken from the album was the ballad ‘Best In Me’ which, according to the album sleeve, was recorded in lead singer Wermerling’s bedroom at the age of fifteen. The track became their second UK Top 10 hit. Numerous appearances at Party in The Park, sometimes to 60.000 people, Radio 1 roadshows etc followed and Let Loose continued to build their fan base. Their next single was the rockier ‘Everybody Say Everybody Do’ which was followed by a fabulous cover of the Bread track ‘Make It withYou’. This track gave the group their third Top 10 success.

Let Loose set out on an arena tour across the UK securing a strong and loyal fan following with their exciting live performances and guitar pop rock sound, described as “rocky, easy listening and indie style” in a more recent review of their Best Of Album. Influenced by the work of such bands as Duran Duran, and playing their own instruments and penning their own numbers with style and enthusiasm .

The follow-up album ‘Rollercoaster’ was released and two months later a final single was released from the album in time for the Christmas market ‘Darling Be Home Soon’. Then in 1996 the band split up, with each member pursuing their own differing careers.

In early 2008 Richie Wermerling and Lee Murray discussed reuniting to write and record together under the Let Loose name. Richie and Lee entered the studio in September 2008 to record the first Let Loose material in over ten years which would later become the foundation for the album release Paint It In Gold. This strong album includes great tracks which Richie then went out and performed live as Let Loose. The new Let Loose sound ranged from mature new heartbreakers to upbeat anthems including the powerful Beggars and Thieves, and power guitar rock.

In 2010 came the news Let Loose fans had been waiting for with Lee Murray and Richie Wermerling extending their collaboration and returning fully as Let Loose. Continuing to work with the guys are band members Grant Spicer,guitarist, backing vocals; Jamie Spicer, guitarist, backing vocals; and,guesting from Teenage Casket Company, Rob Lane, guitarist and backing vocals. All experienced musicians who have played in their own bands, they have cohesed into a tight rock and power pop outfit exemplified by the first live Let Loose gig held in March in London. They provided the perfect framework for Lee’s powerful drumming and Richie’s distinctive vocals.
Richie and Lee are continuing the writing process and Rob Jeffrey has lent his support by playing guitar on the yet to be released reworked Crazy For You.

New gig dates are expected to be released soon, along with a single release as Phase 2 of the Let Loose story continues.