Welcome to the new Let Loose website!

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Hi everyone…

Welcome to our new site….I hope you like it as much as we do…
Our gang has worked so hard on this..Becky Spruce, Rose Taylor and Jill Holland….BIG BIG Thank You…xxxxxxx Also a big thank you to anyone who contributed with their pictures or video’s on here… and thanks to all of our fans for their continued support.

We felt it was about time we had a definitive site where anyone interested in Let Loose can catch up on forthcoming live dates, new material, TV appearances, videos, news and all other activities to do with the band.
Take a look around the site and enjoy what it has to offer…both old and new..!
Feel free to give us your feedback, and make sure you keep logging on to keep up to date with up and coming Let Loose events. 

Hope to see you all in person sometime this year…

Richie, Lee, Rob, Grant, Jamie…x