Jamie Spicer

Jamie Spicer, born on the 14th August 1980 is a skilled and professional guitarist. By the age of 12 he had started learning classical guitar at school. Two years passed and Jamie made the decision to buy an electric guitar. Practising with enthusiasm, he quickly picked up the basics, and was soon playing in the school band.

Jamie progressed to his own band, Sub, when he was 17, playing guitar and performing vocals. Sub played many gigs around the Bucks area and in London before splitting in 99. Jamie decided to focus on guitar in a band rather than singing and with the two other founder members of Sub formed Fat Stanley. Fat Stanley frequented the London pub and club scene and later changed their name to The ParkRace. A deal with Shifty Disco Records followed which saw ‘Grape/Hey You’ the double A-side single become the labels second fastest selling single in just A week.
The following year a tour of East coast America took place and shortly after, the band split because the vocalist got married to an American girl and moved to live stateside.

On a lads holiday to Magaluf in 2006 Crazy For You became the holiday anthem and on the last day a sing-along video was recorded and posted on YouTube and Myspace, where it captured the attention of a certain Mr Richie Wermerling. Richie was impressed by what he saw, and contacted Jamie and the drummer Marc Danecker. The meeting led to the formation of the band Feetgazer, which consisted of Richie, Jamie, Marc and Jamie’s cousin Grant Spicer and bassist Rob Lane. A few line up changes later, including the return of Lee Murray as drummer, and Let Loose were ready to rock once more. Jamie’s committed and enthusiastic style adds much to the new Let Loose sound.

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