Grant Spicer

Grant Spicer was born in Amersham, a small Buckinghamshire town in the UK and moved to New Zealand where he lived until the age of 22. Grant returned to the UK where he stayed for three years. It was here where he gained a knowledge and a natural skill for playing the guitar. He returned to New Zealand with this new found talent and formed his first band – The Marblefauns

Like many musicians, Grant has played in various bands over the years, such as:- The Believers, MG45 and the platform for his own music – Graze.

Most recently Grant has been playing guitar for Richie Wermerling’s band – Feetgazer, as well as recording his own album and playing guitar with Let Loose.

Grant has been at the hub of all that Feetgazer and Let Loose have completed over the last five years. It is thought that without Grant, his hard work, enthusiasm, and tenacity then things certainly would not have run so smoothly.

Grant and Richie also record, produce, mix and do all that is required for new and upcoming bands. This partnership is called CHOCOLATEBOX STUDIOS…

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